What is New Download Game?

This game is free to download multiplayer game for the PC!

Please download New Download Games, it REALLY is a hilariously fun multiplayer game!

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Make no mistake about it, this is THE best game on the internet! You cannot find a funnier game around than this, and to find out exactly how funny it is, you need to download and play it! Download here: Download Now!

What's the aim of the game?

The aim is to think of funny captions that go with random picture shown! For example, if you see a picture of 'Mr Bean' photoshoped on to a muscley body, you could put: 'I've Bean working out!'. We're sure you can come up with better than that, so have a go and prove us right!

How Many People Can Play New Game Download?

You can have up to 8 players in a chat room playing together. The person who in that room who is the funniest can have a good chance of winning that games! There are many rooms for you to play against other players!

How to Play New Games Download

You play games against others - by writing captions that come up in the game. The person who gets the most votes in the new download game wins a round and gets a point. The more points you get the higher you are ranked!


New Game Download is played in real time againt other users online. It is a free multiplayer game, the best on the net! - it is a small file and quick to download, and you can get started for free imediately! PLEASE - just try it! - and you won't be dissaponited!


Screen cap:

Have a go at New Game Download! - You won't be disappointed!!

Download here: Download Now!!

What If There Is No One Online To Play New Games Download?

It is a good idea to stick around - wait at least 10 to 15 minutes when you have connected, to see if more people join the multiplayer game. Also, we are working on marketing the new game download within our budget, so over the next few weeks and months we hope more people will play the free game - so if there are no players to play against now, keep checking back daily (or every few days) to see if we have managed to get more players on the game.

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